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This app is a service for Japan that allows you to register and use your own physical condition information.

1. Purpose of the Terms of Service


The purpose of the Terms of Service is to set out the Terms of Service and other matters that apply to all users of the physical condition management app "GLOBAL SAFETY".

2. Definition


The definitions of terms used in the terms of Service are as follows.
  1.This service :This is a service that saves and manages data such as body temperature entered by the user. In addition, this service shall be provided through this application.
  2.This App :This app refers to dedicated software that runs on smartphones (hereinafter, this is called "Devices") to provide services.
  3.User:A person who uses this application to use the services provided by this application.
  4.Organizer, Co-organizer, Supervisor, or, Co-supervisor (hereinafter, this is called "Organizer") :An organization or group that uses this application to utilize data such as the user's body temperature at each event.
  5.GLOVAL SAFETY :This app is a physical condition management system developed by COMNET. And 1. "Service" is included.

3. About agreement to Terms of Service


The user must use the app in accordance with these Terms of Service, and the app cannot be used unless you understands the contents of the Terms of Service and agrees to the Terms of Service.

4. User's equipment, etc.


​ 1.Please prepare all the equipment and software necessary to use this application at your own expense.(Including everything related to communication terminals and communication means)
Furthermore, the necessary procedures shall be carried out at the user's own risk.
The communication costs required to use the app and the costs associated with using the app are the responsibility of the user.

 2.If the user is a minor, the user can use this application on the terminal that they have approved to use after consenting to the use of this application by a parent or legal representative.

The status of this service will be posted on the "GLOBAL SAFETY" site.

5. Prohibition of use by others.


The user cannot let others use this service.The use of this service is considered to be the use of this service by the user.
We are not responsible for any damage caused by the use of this service by a third party.

6. Intellectual property rights, etc.


 1.This application shall be available to the user only in the user's Internet usage environment in accordance with this agreement, etc., and the organizer, etc. shall be granted non-exclusive and non-transferable rights based on the contract.
 2.All intellectual property rights, including this service and this application, are protected by laws and treaties related to intellectual property rights. Information, articles, photos, illustrations, videos, audio, and other content provided by this service, as well as trademark rights, copyrights, and other intellectual property rights of software, firmware, and libraries included in this application are transferred to COMNET. Attribution.
 3.The organizer, etc. shall be able to use the information provided through this application and this service only within the scope of private use, and use it for commercial purposes, transfer it to others, or visit a website that can be viewed by the general public. It shall not be posted.
 4.The following items are prohibited when using this application.
  (1) Reverse engineering of this application, etc. by disassembling, etc.
  (2) Tampering with this application.
  (3) Development of new software using part or all of this application.

7. Discontinue use of the app and delete records.

The user of the application can stop using this application at any time by arbitrarily deleting this application from the terminal on which this application is installed. If you delete this application from the device on which the app is installed, all the information recorded on that device will be deleted from the device.

8. Interruption of this service.

 1.COMNET may suspend all or part of this service at any time in the event of any of the following reasons.
  (1) When performing maintenance, inspection, repair and construction of equipment necessary for providing this service.
  (2) When a failure occurs in the equipment required to provide this service.
  (3) When the communication line is interrupted, significantly congested, or in other difficult situations.
  (4) When this application is hacked, destroyed or otherwise disturbed.
  (5) When it becomes difficult to provide this service due to unavoidable forces such as disasters.
  (6) In addition to the previous items, when it is determined that the provision of this service needs to be interrupted due to technical or operational reasons.
2.COMNET shall not be liable for any damage caused to the user due to the interruption of this service in the preceding paragraph.

9. Suspension / discontinuation of this service.

​ 1.COMNET may suspend or discontinue this service at its own discretion.
 2.COMNET shall not be liable for any damage caused to the user regarding the suspension or discontinuation of this service.

10. No warranty.

COMNET has no defects in this service and this application, data sent and received in this service is correctly stored on the terminal of the user who downloaded this application and displayed on the screen, information on this site In addition, we do not guarantee that the information provided to users in connection with this service is accurate and valid. This application is provided as is.
The user shall understand these and use this service at his / her own risk.

11. Disclaimer

​ 1.The organizer, etc. and COMNET shall not be responsible for the following items of this service.
  (1) Any damage caused to the user by using this service
  (2) The user was unable to use all or part of this service or this application.
  (3) Information and advice posted on this service, and the results of actions taken according to various forecasts, etc.
  (4) In addition, any damage or disadvantage caused to the user, the person who was the user, or a third party in connection with this service.

 2. This service is not intended to provide medical practice or health guidance, but to support the physical condition management of users. We do not guarantee the treatment of specific diseases, improvement of symptoms, other health improvement effects or lifestyle-related improvement effects. We do not guarantee the accuracy or validity of the contents of this application. In addition, we are not responsible for any inconvenience or disadvantage caused by using this service.
 3. The user agrees in advance that he / she does not take any responsibility for the provisions of each item of the preceding paragraph.


12. Acquisition and handling of information.

 1.With the use of this service by the user, data such as body temperature entered by the user will be handled in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law and the privacy policy of COMNET. In addition, it may be provided to a shared user by law.
For more information about providing to a shared user, please see [ About shared use of personal information].

 2.In providing this service, COMNET shall acquire user information and use the information for the following purposes.
≪Information to be acquired≫
・ Personal information required for application usage and application maintenance, terminal information such as terminal type, OS, and usage history information such as application installation and usage time
≪Purpose of use≫
・ To provide optimal services to users
・ Other matters related to these

 3.We will handle the acquired information in accordance with COMNET's privacy policy.
 4.Data such as body temperature and information such as communication status entered by the user are stored in the application of the terminal used by the user and in the server used for this service. If you cancel the application on the device, the information on the device will be deleted, but the data on the server will remain.

Data for this application will be stored on AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud servers in Japan.

 5. Data such as body temperature will be stored for 3 months from the previous month. Data from the previous 3 months will be automatically erased. (These terms and conditions will be applied from February 1, 2022.)In addition, we provide a method within the application for users to erase their personal information by their own operations.

13. External Transmission, Third Party Provision, Information Collection Module.

This application uses the following external services in order to provide users with safe and secure services and to improve them on a daily basis.

Personal information of users obtained from this application will not be provided to third parties.


External services used:

Sentry (Function Software)

If you use Sentry with this App, the minimum necessary information about errors that occur while using this App will be sent to Sentry's servers. Comnet receives the analysis results from Function Software and grasps the user's error situation. User information collected, recorded and analyzed by Sentry does not include any information that identifies a specific individual. In addition, such information is managed by Function Software in accordance with its privacy policy. Please see the Sentry site for a description of Sentry's privacy policy.

Sentry Privacy Policy

14. Compensation for damages.

If the user violates these Terms, etc., or if the user intentionally or negligently causes damage or expense to COMNET, the user will incur damage or expense (including attorney's fees) to COMNET. I shall be obliged to compensate.

15. Prohibitions and compliance


 1.When using this application, the user must not perform any of the acts listed in the following items.
  (1) Use this application for purposes other than the original purpose.
  (2) Unauthorized access, acts that interfere with the server or network system of this application, acts that operate this application illegally, or acts that intentionally use defects of this application.
  (3) Acts of repeating similar or similar inquiries more than necessary, acts of making unreasonable demands to the provider, proper management and operation of this application by other providers, and obstruction of use of this application by third parties However, take actions that interfere with these.
  (4) Intentionally send a file infected with a virus, malware, etc. to this application.
  (5) Acts that violate or may violate laws and regulations or public order and morals, provide benefits to antisocial forces or other cooperative acts, impersonate providers or third parties, or intentionally disseminate false information. To do.
  (6) Unauthorized collection, disclosure or provision of personal information, usage information, etc. of a third party.
  (7) Other acts that interfere with the proper operation of this application or are judged to be such acts.

 2.The organizer, etc. and COMNET will not notify in advance if the user has performed or is likely to perform any of the items in the preceding paragraph. It is possible to stop the use of this application.
 3.The user shall comply with the following matters when using this application.
  (1) If you have multiple smartphone terminals, install this application on the one terminal you use most as much as possible.
  (2) Do not let a third party carry the device with the application installed.
  (3) When this application is updated and the user can download it, download the latest application to the application installation terminal and update it.
  (4) When transferring, succeeding, lending, or disposing of the application-introduced terminal to a third party, delete this application in advance.

16. Change of terms of use.

 1.COMNET will change these Terms of Use at any time without prior notice to the user.
 2.If the terms of use are changed, they shall be posted on the link displayed in this application without delay, and the changed terms of use shall become effective from the time of such posting.
 3.If the user actually uses this application after posting the changed Terms of Use prescribed in the preceding paragraph, at the time of such use, the user should fully understand the contents of the changed Terms of Use. You are deemed to have agreed to the revised Terms of Use upon understanding.

17. No transfer, etc.

The right to use this application cannot be transferred, lent, succeeded, inherited or provided as collateral to a third party.

18. Contact method.


 1.If you have any questions about the events of this application, please contact the inquiry window designated by the organizer.
 2.If you have any questions about the operation of this application, please check the manual and Q & A on the "GLOBAL SAFETY" site, and if you cannot solve the problem, please contact us from the inquiry window on the site.
 3.If you need to delete the data on the server, please contact us from the inquiry window on the site. There may be a fee for erasing data.

19. Governing law / jurisdiction


 1.This agreement, etc. shall be written in Japanese, and its governing law shall be interpreted in accordance with Japanese law.
 2.If a lawsuit is filed between the user and the organizer, etc. in connection with this service, please check the method specified by the organizer, etc.

As of June 16,  2023
COMNET Corporation

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